The 2011 Conference on Center Development was Held in Beijing

The Conference on Center Development, organized by China-US Center for Medical Professionalism, PUHSC was held in Beijing Fragrant Hill Hotel on July 2nd, 2011. Professor Yali Cong, deputy dean of the Institute of Medical Humanities, Peking University and vice director of China-US Center for Medical Professionalism chaired the meeting. Members of the consultant group and steering committee, including Debing Wang, vice-president of Chinese Medical Doctor Association; Benfu Li, researcher of PUHSC; Daqing Zhang, dean of the Institute of Medical Humanities, PKU; Yan Guo, Professor of School of Public Health, PKU; Minsheng Fan, professor of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Qiang Ma, professor from the Red Cross Society of China, Shanghai Branch; Jing Fan from Ministry of Health; Quanying He, doctor of People’s Hospital, PKU and Liying Shi, vice director of the Liaison Department, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the experts and scholars further discussed and summarized the status quo of the medical professionalism researches in China. Medical professionalism, they stated, is the commitment of medicine as a profession to the society, should concern more on the professional contribution to the development of medical knowledge and social development. While in China, we have a long history of tradition that personal virtue always comes first. The concern of the personalized virtue, rather than the professional function and responsibility of medicine in Chinese culture and social institution, highlighted the very point that should pay more attention in the medical professionalism research of China. Besides self-discipline, the institution building is indispensible for the development of Chinese medical professionalism. In the context of Chinese health system, our researchers should know more, communicate more and learn more from the doctors who work in the clinic so that we could go further to explore the problems and difficulties of Chinese medical professionalism.

The meeting also announced that the Sixth Conference on China-US Medical Professionalism will held on October 17-18, 2011 in Beijing. The sixth annual conference is of great importance, on one hand, two grant projects sponsored by China-US for Medical Professionalism will finish and submit their final report; on the other hand, the topics will focus more on the clinical practical perspective besides the theoretical study of the conflict of interest, medical professionalism and health policy/health system.

Furthermore, the steering committee and consultant group of the China-US Center for Medical Professionalism are working together to publish one book which collects the excellent meeting papers, grant project reports, related reviews and articles.

Professor Yali Cong, chair of the meeting, made her brief conclusion and thanked all the colleagues, presented or not, for their contribution and support to the China-US center for Medical Professionalism. During the past six years, she emphasized, our center is always the leadership in the field of medical professionalism research and construction. Our communication and exchange of experiences with colleagues nationally and internationally make us more confident and eligible for what we are doing. However, the problems and reality are so complex that, not only for the theoretical study, but also the education and construction of medical professionalism, we still have a long way to go. In this way, our medical humanity scholars, doctors, policy-makers, economists, lawyers, administrators and people related should work together closely, and one more thing, always keep prudence and responsibility in mind.


China-U.S. Center on Medical Professionalism
July, 2011