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Introduction and history China-U.S. Center on Medical Professionalism, PUHSC

On October 20th 2008, the third China-US conference on medical professionalism was held in Peking University Health Science Center. The conference celebrate the inauguration of the China-U.S. Center on Medical Professionalism, PUHSC. Physically based on Peking University Health Science Center’s campus and in collaboration with the Institute on Medicine as a Profession (IMAP) in the United States, the Center hopes to address issues of concern to the whole of China. The directors of joint center are Professor Yang Ke (president of Peking University Health Science Center) and Professor David Rothman. Professor Yali Cong and Liping Duan serve as vice directors. A steering committee will oversee the Center, and committee members drawn from both China and the United States.

The notion of the Center first came to life in 2005. Through a meeting with Columbia University professors, David Rothman and Sheila Rothman, Harvard University professors, William Hsiao and David Blumenthal and Peking University Health Science Center faculty member, Linying Hu, Chinese and U.S. scholars started the series of exchanges on medical professionalism. The colleagues of Shandong University Medical School, Xi’an Medical University and Shanghai Medical Ethics Association contributed much to the project. From the start both Professor Ruicong Peng and Debing Wang made important contributions.

Three conferences have been held. Professor David Rothman, Dr. David Blumenthal, Professor Sheila Rothman, Professor Zhizheng Du, Jinzhong Zhang, Yiting Li, Edwin Hui, etc. have played important role in the discussions at these conference, which, over time, have become more intense and illuminating.

The work at the Center will focus on an annual conference, grant research and publication of the research results. The Center seeks to develop and shape medical professionalism in both China and U.S., and to share its experiences internationally.