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Proposed Topics for 2013 Grants Application

Supported by China-US Joint Center for Medical Professionalis

1.Over treatment, how it shows out, and its relationship with medical professionalism;

2.The evaluation system on hospital (by government), and evaluation criteria on individual physicians (by hospital), and how these both ways affect medical professionalism;

3.How the way of dealing with doctor-patient-dispute, affect medical professionalism;

4.How the Doctor-Patient-Relationship and its mutual trust change historically;

5.The mechanism, model, and cultivation map of medical professionalism education both in medical campus and in continue medical education;

6.How to evaluate healthcare reform from the perspective of medical professionalism;

7.The exploration of the appropriate income constitute, and salary allocation scheme in current healthcare system;

8.Specific program for medical students: future of medical professionalism

Release date: Oct. 9, 2012
Submission date: Jan. 10, 2013
Result released: Mar.1, 2013