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The Sixth China-US Conference on Medical Professionalism


1. Chinese Edition of Physician Charter
2. The Cost of Providing Health Care in the U.S. Will it Bankrupt the Country? -David Rothman
3. Public Hospital Reform and the Development of Medical Professionalism -Du Zhizheng
4. Elder Abuse:From Research to Health Policy -XinQi Dong
5. Transparency in Consumer Advocacy Organizations Funding:The Past,the Present and the Future -Sheila M. Rothman
6. IMAP Professionalism Study 2004-2011 -Eric G. Campbell
7. A Survey of Chinese Physicians' Understanding of and Attitudes towards Medical Professionalism -Linying Hu
8. Systemic Investigation of Hidden Rules in Medical Profession -Sun Fuchuan
9. The Historical Study on the CMA in Promoting Medical Professionalism -Zhen Cheng
10. Research on Conflict of Interest-- Progress Report -Yali Cong
11. 10 Years of Asthma Patients Advocacy Organization and How It Affects the Treatment Model for Doctor Community -Quanying He
12. The impact of payment models and physician salaries on medical professionalism -Huang Jin
13. Medical The construction of physicians’professionalism is the basis for the healthy development of the hospitals -Li Songlin
14. Incorporating Professionalism into Culture and Medical work in Hospital -Lv Xiaoyan
15. Progress in Health Reform & Outlook in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan in China -Shi Guang
16. Research on Incentive and Restraint Mechanism for Reporting of Adverse Events in Medical Institutions -Zongjiu Zhang

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