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Third China- U.S. Conference on Medical Professionalism


1. Doctor-Patient Relationship and Medical Professionalism Holly Humphrey
2. Medical Professionalism From the Perspective of Chinese Patients Mingjie Zhao
3. The Survey about Trainees’ Cognition to Profession in People’s Hospital of Peking University Siqin Zhang
4. Uphold Medical Professionalism and Construct the Harmonious PPR ----From the Perspective of Local County Hospital Shengjun Zhan
5. Changing Medical Model by Managing Asthma Quanying He
6. Medical Professionalism and the Engaged Physician: Setting the Agenda David Rothman
7. Explanation on Tradition Chinese Medical Professionalism Daqing Zhang
8. Social Responsibility for Clinician Ming Li
9. Public Roles among U.S. Physicians: Results of a Survey David Blumenthal Discussion
10. Reducing Medical Errors, Promoting Patient Safety Sharon Levine
11. Patient Safety and Medical Error Holly Humphrey
12. Medical Error----Analysis from Non-technology Factors Songlin Li
13. Medical Malpractice and Error, Situation and Reflection on A Survey in 4 Cities Benfu Li,Yali Cong, etc
14. Professionalism, Physician Payment and Conflicts of Interest Sharon Levine
15. An Analysis on Obstacles to Medical Professionalism in China: A Look at Practice Linying Hu
16. Happier Doctors,Healthier Patients Allan Korn
17. Research on Physician Payment Qiang Ma
18. Medical Professionalism and Its Relationship to Public Health: Physician Advocacy and State Public Health Policy Tom Kellogg
19. Balancing the Precepts of Public Health and Medical Professionalism Sheila Rothman
20. Comments on Medical Professionalism and Public Health reporting in the context of the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights Darryl Macer, Ph.D.

38 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Peking University Health Science Center, 100191